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I am Chase Moye, owner and Soft Tissue Specialist at Health Fix. I am a Saraland, Alabama, native and very proud to offer this innovative form of healing to the Mobile area. I have always been interested in healthcare, but in my time working as a paramedic, I really began to see the importance of preventative care. I saw a need to help people alleviate aches, pains, and stiffness before they ended up at a doctor’s office for a prescription of medicine, prolonged therapy, unnecessary diagnostic tests, or preventable surgery. Aside from injuries caused by sports or recreational activities, we often find ourselves victims of our own lifestyle. Sitting and driving are some of the worst positions for us to spend extended amounts of time, but it's inevitable for most of the population. Along with my post graduate studies in Kinesiology, focusing on Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Corrective Exercise, and Exercise Psychology, I studied to become certified in several soft tissue techniques. We can use a combination of soft tissue therapy, specialized tools, and simple corrective exercise to customize a plan that will get you on the path to wellness that fits your needs and your goals and gets you back to doing what you love the most. I enjoy learning and plan to continue my studies to always provide the most relevant treatment options for my clients.

At Health Fix, we pride ourselves in providing a unique approach that helps you in getting out of pain and feeling yourself again as quickly as possible. Our unique and effective approach is proven to work time and again. Through specific techniques we are able to resolve injuries and pain and then equip you with the knowledge and tools so that you don't have to experience this issue again. 

We are trained in a variety of modalities, and can help you pick a style that fits what your body's needs. We offer services such as FDM, sports massage, mysofascial cupping, active release, stretching, kinesiology taping, IASTM, and corrective exercise.

Our bodies are amazing compensators. We have small injuries and imbalances that can lead to dysfunction and pain over time. We will help you to restore proper function by reversing those small chronic issues.

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Located in JH CrossFit @ 220 Furr St. Mobile, AL

(251) 455-5216

AL LMT #4313

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